Abino Investigative Services in Buffalo, NY provides private investigation, legal support, corporate security services, and asset searches.

Legal Support

Abino Investigative Services provides a full range of investigative, criminal and civil legal support, and information searches for corporations and individuals. We also locate witnesses and provide witness consulting.

Absolute Confidentiality Guaranteed

Legal Support - Civil & Criminal

Our investigative services can be vital in gathering the facts that are pertinent in legal proceedings. Abino provides legal support services in alliance with your legal representation as a cost-effective means of substantiating your case. Many law firms turn to us to provide these services. Our Abino 37 years experience has made us uniquely qualified to interview potential witnesses and take their depositions. These services are a key function towards winning your case.

Family Law, Child Custody, and Divorce 

Family law matters can bring discordance and discouragement to people's lives. Abino helps people to find the right information, protect their children's and loved one's, best interests and reach agreement in marital disputes. We cover every area of Family Law including paternity suits, child visitation rights, support payments, and enforcement court orders and judgments.

Witness Consulting

 We offer consulting and expert testimony for both criminal and civil trials in matters pertaining to our core competencies of investigation and corporate security. Our former agents have a great deal of experience in state and federal courts and are recognized as highly credible experts in their respective fields.

Legal Representation Advice

 We have working relationships with some of the most respected legal firms in Southern California and across the country. We will provide you with information and advice on legal firms that specialize in your area of need. We maintain a list of the best law firms in each specialty based on effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and integrity.
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