Abino Investigative Services in Buffalo, NY provides private investigation, legal support, corporate security services, and asset searches.

Abino Investigative Services provides a full range of investigative services, legal support, and information searches for both corporations and individuals. Below is a partial list of our services. For more information, please .

Absolute Confidentiality Guaranteed

A Listing of Services Provided

Criminal Record Searches
Criminal Investigations
Locating of Missing Persons
Motor Vehicle Searches
License Plate Searches
Non-published Phone Numbers
Accident Investigations
Automobile Accidents
Witness Locations
Fall Downs
Dog Bites
Professional Liability
False Arrest
Malicious Prosecution
Libel and Slander
Boating Accidents
Signed Notarized Statements
Tape Recorded Statements
Stenographic Statements
Surveillance and Video
Matrimonial Investigations
Credit Reports
Employment Background Searches
Skip Traces
Process Service
Bank Account Searches
Safe Deposit Box Searches
Child Support Location
Contact Information: Abino Investigative Services
148 South Street
Buffalo, NY 14204
877-852-3933 Toll Free
716-852-7355 Fax
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