Abino Investigative Services in Buffalo, NY provides private investigation, legal support, corporate security services, and asset searches.

Abino Investigative Services provides a full range of investigative, legal support, and information searches for corporations and individuals. There is never a fee for consulting with us on your specific situation.

Absolute Confidentiality Guaranteed

Asset Searches                                                  

Abino Investigative Services uses state-of-the-art technology that provides an enormous database of public information in the United States. We are able to gather information expediently to assist in recovery of tangible and liquid assets. Included are bank account searches, safe deposit searches, and location of assets to offset child support arrears.

We can help you locate real estate, investments, and businesses owned by other parties. Asset searches are vital to divorce cases, civil lawsuits, and various business relationships.


Public Information Searches                                        

Abino Investigative Services is able to successfully perform a wide range of information searches that are valuable in civil and criminal proceedings, and in evaluating individuals in pre-employment situations. Included in our search services are:
  • Criminal Record Searches
  • Motor Vehicle Searches
  • License Plate Searches
  • Non-published Phone Numbers
  • Credit Reports
  • Employment Background
All search work performed by Abino Investigative Services is done in compliance with the Fair Credit Report Act and the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act.

Witness Consulting                                                     

Abino Investigative Services can be engaged for all investigative facets of witness consulting including witness location. Our work includes:
  • Stenographic Statements
  • Signed Notarized Statements
  • Tape Recorded Statements
  • Process Service
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